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Rodney Lawson, Owner

Rodney is no stranger to Waxahachie.

rodney lawson familyHe’s raised his family here and been active in the public school system for many years. In addition to his ten years in business, he’s served as an educator, including Coach, Teacher, Principal, and is certified to become a Superintendent. His service to Waxahachie and the surrounding community is well noted.

While he’s mainly been known for his educational career, he’s also been active as a roofer and owner of a roofing business. As Rodney says, ” I enjoy teaching but I also enjoy helping people restore their roofs and homes after a storm.”

Recently, he told this story, “One couple that I helped in 2014, had been married for fifty years, and we totally restored their home with a new roof, new siding, and new gutters. When I picked up the final check, they told me more people had stopped by in last 2 weeks than in previous 5 years.”

Taking care of people is what Rodney likes to do best.

If you have a home in Waxahachie, Ellis County, or the surrounding area, and you need a good, local roofer, pick up the phone and call Rodney today for your free roof estimate.

Call (972) 427-3530

Waxahachie Roofer

roofers in waxahachie